Six considerations in the early stage of purchasing organic fertilizer machine


Before purchasing organic fertilizer equipment, you must fully understand your personal needs. In order to let everyone have a more detailed and in-depth understanding of the purchase of organic fertilizer equipment, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. will detail the six factors to be considered in the purchase of organic fertilizer machine. Analyze the characteristics of organic fertilizer equipment, and popularize the professional knowledge of organic fertilizer equipment to help you clear the blind spots of knowledge, and you can purchase and select organic fertilizer equipment more rationally.
1. Determine the output of the organic fertilizer production line
First, outline your output, such as how many tons per year, or how many tons per hour, before you can determine the specifications of organic fertilizer production equipment.
2. Determine the shape of the material particles
Which type of organic fertilizer granulator to choose: powder, column, oblate or standard round. Commonly used equipment for granulating organic fertilizers are: roller press granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, NPK and organic fertilizer granulator. The particle shape is different, the production process of organic fertilizer is also different, and the price of organic fertilizer equipment is also different.
3. Determine the configuration level of organic fertilizer equipment
The different configuration of organic fertilizer equipment determines the price of the equipment, the amount of labor, and the ability of the equipment to operate stably.
4. Determine the type of fertilizer produced
Is it compound fertilizer equipment or organic fertilizer equipment? For the same output, organic fertilizer equipment generally takes into account the high water content and the strains are not resistant to high temperature, and the model is generally larger than the compound fertilizer model.
5. Selection of fermentation turning and polishing machine
There are many forms of organic fertilizer fermentation, and different fermentation methods have different fermentation equipment. Generally, shallow trough turning machines are more suitable. The advantages of the shallow trough turning machine: it is more in line with the principle of aerobic fermentation, it is not easy to form anaerobic, the fermentation is fully complete, and the fermentation speed is fast.
6. Determine the level of environmental protection requirements
Places with low environmental protection requirements generally choose heavy dust removal and less investment in organic fertilizer equipment; places with high environmental protection requirements generally choose heavy dust removal and ink dust removal, which can meet the national air emission quality standards. In the organic fertilizer production line, environmental protection is very important.

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